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Chelsea District Library

Chelsea Library District

The Chelsea District Library serves all  residents in Lyndon and Sylvan Townships, residents in the portion of Dexter Township not in the Dexter Library District and residents in the portion of Lima Township also in the Chelsea School District.

On October 5, 1999 voters adopted a Charter Millage for the Chelsea District Library. The library is now funded for service to 14,098 people in Lima, Lyndon, Dexter and Sylvan Townships. Resources are available to run the library for the expanded district and to solve the problem of an appropriate facility for the district.

The map on this page gives a graphic representation of the Library District.

Chelsea District Library was formed in 1998 by the Village of Chelsea and Dexter, Lima, Lyndon and Sylvan Townships when they entered into a District Library Agreement.

Under the terms of the agreement, these municipalities agreed not only that the public library should serve their residents but that the residents must approve the formation of the District Library by adopting an operational millage that would be sufficient to pay the expenses of the library serving this population. 

On October 5, 1999 the voters in the district served by the Chelsea District Library approved a charter millage for the district library.  This successful millage election set in place the final building block for the district library - the resources to provide library service to all residents in this district.

Chelsea District Library: Map of the district

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